About Mashujaa FM Radio
Radio Mashujaa FM is fully owned by Mashujaa Group Limited, a limited liability company incorporated by Business Registration Licensing Authority (BRELA) with the certificate of incorporation number 78568, dated the 6th September 2010. Our studio is in Lindi Town and is the First and only local Radio Station in Lindi Region tunable at frequency 89.5 also can be heard online through our website www.mashujaafm.co.tz.

The Radio tagline is "Sisi ni wewe". 

Lindi Region is located in the south-eastern part of Tanzania, bordering the Indian Ocean to its east, Coast region to its north, Ruvuma and Morogoro Regions to its west, while Mtwara borders Lindi to the south. The Radio is currently targeting coverage in Lindi and Mtwara regions with a combined population of 2.1 million as per 2012 Census.

We recently opened 3 new additional studios in 3 districts. The aim is to make close interactions both our listeners and clients. These studios will real push on ground promotions everywhere in Lindi Region. We are currently in Liwale doing on ground promotions and Radio awareness. 

Our Coverage
1. Lindi and Mtwara using our frequency 89.5
2. Worldwide using our website www.mashujaafm.co.tz
3. Worldwide using App, download it using android phones on play store
4.Interacting with social Medias including Facebook page www.facebook.com/radiomashujaafm and also on Instagram and tweeter

Our Competitive advantage
1. It’s the First and only Local Radio in Lindi Region
2. Accessible through APP and online streaming via our website and iTunes 
3. Social Media presence Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
4.We have 4 Fixed studios in every district in Lindi. Studios are in NACHINGWEA, LIWALE, KILWA and LINDI URBAN

The mission statement of the Mashujaa Radio FM is "to ensure the content aired promotes moral values to the public and offer them with issues that will improve the listeners' welfare as well as to educate and encourage people to use the radio for fast information dissemination and act as a platform for the dissemination of local news".

The vision for Mashujaa Radio FM is “to serve the public with content that will foster development and to provide efficient services and reliable unbiased information".

Business goals of Radio Mashujaa FM
Our programs have been developed to include local and international news, health education, traditional events programs, etc, for the purpose of establishing healthy, educative and successfully radio station that will pioneer development within the region and the entire nation.

To improve rural community initiatives through an improved, reliable and less in cost communication system, providing access to educational programs, local and international news.

To act as a forum for community members to exchange development ideas and debate local and national issues which will provide access and expose them to current affairs on social, agricultural, health, etc.

  • To provide music entertainment, both traditional and modern.
  • To establish a platform for reshaping the community towards good culture behaviour.
  • To stimulate community members for improving their current business through advertisment and marketing of their products and services at affordable cost.